Using Properties & Spaces in Data Streams

What is a property, what is a space and how to use them.

What are properties and spaces

Each Cognetik user is the owner of its own company (when a user signs up, a company is automatically assigned to each account).

To better organize streams, a company can have:

  • Multiple properties (containers) where spaces live.
  • Multiple spaces where streams live.

By default, each account has a property (My Property) and a space (My Space), which is a child of the My property property.


All existing streams can be found in the default space (My Space).

Accessing the stream list

To access the stream list, click the 'Stream List' button from the drop down list under your username, in the right upper corner, or click the 'My Space' button in the 'Management' section of the App Settings page.



Keep in mind that all streams created in a space or credentials linked within a space can only be accessed from that specific space.

Changing spaces and properties

To change the space or property from the stream list view, use the selector from the upper right corner.


Clicking a space takes you to the stream builder page within that space.


To access the streams saved in a certain space, choose your property and space from the selector, then click your username in the upper right corner, and click the 'Stream List' button from the drop down menu.


Creating new properties and spaces

To create new properties or spaces, access the Management page from the drop down menu under your username in the upper right corner.


Creating a property

To create a new property, simply click the 'Create a New Property' button.


A property can have the following attributes:

  • Name (each property needs to have a different name)
  • Description (optional)

Creating a space

To create a new space, simply click the property where you want the space to live in, and click the 'Create a New Space' button.


A space can have the following attributes:

  • Name (spaces can have the same name only if they live in different properties)
  • Description (optional)