Monthly Row Limit in Data Streams

Answers questions like what is the monthly row limit, how to check the usage stats, what happens when the limit is reached and how to use the app again.

The Monthly Row Limit Explained

When signing up for Data Streams using the Individual plan (free version), the monthly company row limit is set to 50,000.

This means that each month, company accounts that use the free version of our tools are allowed to import 50,000 rows. 


  • This limit is set per company, so if a company account has multiple users, the limit is applied to their collective usage. Therefore, if a user runs into this limitation, even if they don’t recall using the tool, chances are someone from their company account previously used up all the rows.
  • Since the limit is set per company and Cognetik credentials can be used across all Cognetik apps, rows imported in other apps (the Cognetik Cloud Connector) within the same company account are included when calculating the row usage. Assuming a user imports 50,000 rows in one of the apps, they won’t be able to pull data in the other app as well.

How to Check the Usage Stats

In order to see how many rows were used per account, simply head over to the Profile page.



The usage stats for the company account are displayed below at the bottom of the page.



What Happens When the Row Limit Is Reached?

When reaching the limit, a message is displayed in the app.


When building a stream, an error message is displayed when saving the stream and the stream will not run.


When Can the App Be Used Again?

If you’ve used up all the rows that month, the limit will reset the following month. Upgrading to one of our paid plans is also an option. 

To see which plan works best for your business needs, contact our sales team by using the chat button on our website or by sending an email to