Google Analytics API Reports

How to link your Google Analytics credentials and reports available in the Cognetik Cloud Connector.

How to Link Google Analytics Credentials in Cognetik Cloud Connector

After accessing the connector and creating a Cognetik account, you need to link your Google credentials in order to bring your data into Tableau.

Here’s how you do that:

1. Go to 'Link a new credential' and then select the Google Analytics icon from the data source list.

2. Enter your Google credentials and click ‘Next.’

3. Grant the connector permission to access your Google data by clicking ‘Allow’

4. The query page is displayed and you can now request the data you need.

*For more info regarding security and the information the connector collects, please refer to our Privacy Policy or check out our Data Security article.

Read more about linking your Google Analytics credentials in Tableau here.


The following section lists a few reports (combinations of dimensions and metrics) available through the Google Analytics API.

Valid Combinations – Not all dimensions and metrics can be queried together. Only certain dimensions and metrics can be used together to create valid combinations.

Valid combinations for the Campaign dimension


Valid combinations for the Keyword dimension


Valid combinations for the Destination URL dimension


Valid combinations for the User Type dimension


Valid combinations for the Age dimension


Valid combinations for the Browser dimension


Valid combinations for the Search Term dimension


Valid combinations for the Affiliation dimension


Valid combinations for the Days Since Last Session dimension


Valid combinations for the Count of Sessions dimension


Valid combinations for the User Defined Value dimension