Data Security with Data Streams

Information on Data Streams' data security protocols, including credential encryption & expiration, tokens, & passwords

Data Streams is a pipeline that sends requests to the marketing platforms or the data warehouse of your choice, and transfers that data to your selected warehouse.

Data Security Protocol, Encryption & Expiration of Credentials

  • Our products use OAuth, the most secure authentication protocol available, to connect to data sources. OAuth authorizes applications with access tokens rather than credentials. This is the same security protocol used by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
  • Data is transferred over SSL encrypted HTTPS connections, and we only use official APIs for data access.
  • Our products do not cache data.

Credentials, Tokens & Passwords

  • We use OAuth to request from third party providers an encrypted token for each user. We never access a username or password.
  • We do store your encrypted token to make data calls, which allows users to refresh dashboards or schedule data streams without needing to reauthenticate.