Data Streams 05/21/2019 release

Release notes 05/21/2019


New Features/Improvements

  • Search Ads 360 connector: Display the ‘All campaigns’ option only for the Campaign report type.
  • Stream schedule information (Next stream will run on) for recurring streams is aligned with the selected time zone for the stream.
  • New ‘Loading’ status: Streams that have run or are running but are not loaded yet are marked as 'Loading'.
  • Stream list page loads faster.
  • ‘Company’ is now a required field in the sign-up form.

Bug fixes

  • Facebook Ads connector: Error when using the ‘All campaigns’ option - fixed


Bug fixes

  • Facebook Ads connector: ‘All Adsets’ option in Adset dropdown appears twice - fixed.
  • Adobe Analytics connector: Element "datetime" not found error - fixed.
  • Search Ads 360: Drilldown timeout bug - fixed.
  • Snowflake string too long error - fixed.
  • Not all complete streams are marked as ‘Completed’ bug - fixed.