Adobe Analytics API Reports

Where to find your Adobe Analytics username and secret, API limitations, reports, and error descriptions

A step-by-step guide to link your Adobe Analytics account as a Data Source in Data Streams

After signing up for Data Streams, you need to link your Adobe Analytics credentials to set Adobe Analytics as a data source.

Here’s how you do that:


2. Choose ‘Adobe Analytics’ from the drop-down menu.

3. After choosing your platform, click ‘Link.

4. Insert your Adobe username and secret and click ‘Submit.

*Access the link in the dialog box to find your secret.
*Username format is username: company and the secret is 32 characters long

Your Adobe Analytics account is now linked and you can move forward to set your data destination.

Adobe Analytics API Limitations

  • The Adobe API is really slow. Feel free to write a message to Adobe’s Client Care and ask them to put more power behind their API.
  • Certain metrics may only be requested along with certain elements (dimensions).
  • Elements (dimensions) have restrictions on which other elements (dimensions) can be combined within a report.
  • A maximum number of 4 elements (dimensions) can be queried at a time
  • The maximum number of top elements that can be requested is 50,000.
  • A report may have a maximum number of three or four elements (dimensions).

For more info regarding the Adobe API, please refer to their documentation.

Adobe Analytics API Reporting

*Adobe Analytics API documentation refers to dimensions as 'elements.'

To find calculated metrics from your Adobe Analytics account in the connector drop-down menu, make sure they’re shared with everyone in your Adobe Analytics account.

Certain metrics may only be requested along with certain dimensions, and dimensions can only be queried with certain dimensions.

The tables below help you build a valid API query.

The following elements (dimensions) can only be queried with the metrics in the right column.


The following elements (dimensions) can be queried with any metric except for those that appear in the right column.


If you run into an error message when submitting a query, feel free to contact us on our website through our chat box, in the lower right corner. We'll get back to you in one business day. Send us your error message, along with the specifics of your issue (screenshot of the complete query that generated the error) so we can replicate the error and troubleshoot it. The following adjectives in error codes have specific meanings:

For more info regarding the 1.4 API Error messages, please refer to Adobe’s documentation.