1. Create a service account for your Google BigQuery project.

After selecting your Google BigQuery project in your Google Cloud Console, go to ‘IAM & admin’ in the navigation menu, then select ‘Service accounts’.

Click the ‘+ CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT’ button.

Name your service account.

Choose a Project role by clicking the ‘Select a role’ button.

Choose ‘BigQuery’, then choose the ‘BigQuery Admin’ role.

Make sure you check the ‘Furnish a new private key’ box and select the JSON format. 

Hit ‘SAVE’ in order to download your JSON file. This will be saved in the folder selected in your browser settings.

2. Upload your JSON file in Data Streams

In Data Streams, click the ‘Data Extract Source’ box

Choose ‘New Connection’, select ‘Google BigQuery’ from the Data Connector drop-down and click the ‘Link’ button.

Open the folder where your JSON file was downloaded and drag it in the box. 

Once you’ve dragged your file, you’ll receive a message confirming your credentials are valid. To complete the linking process, click ‘SUBMIT’.

Your credentials are now linked!

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